U14 trial updates 19.06.19 19:30

Here is the list of the players that have made it through to the next trial.

6pm Tuesday 25th  At York College Sim Balk Lane. Please be there 10 mins before for registration.

Henry Jackson

Alex Graves

Jake Barrett

Jake Petty

Ben Hawksworth

Kean Scorgie

Ben Myers

Jack Whelan

Dan Gallagher

Mark Tierney

Luca Chan

Sam Clark

Will Almond

Mitch Parkinson

Finley Whitfield

Adam Clarkson

Oliver Fash

Rossi Duncanson

Joesph  Richardson

Dylan Jones

Jacob Whitlock

Noah Morgan

Beau Chin

Dan Tideswell

Jake Scott

Jack Gospel

Oli Garner-Steel

Thanks to all the players that turned out for the U14’s trial last night, with numbers higher than expected it was great to see York is thriving with plenty of talented young players.

In turn making it extremely difficult for all the coaches to make our decisions.

If you didn’t get picked please carry on enjoying your football and try not to be to downbeat there is always next year.