U11s Leeds A 2-3 York

Today was a day to try and get a spot in the top four under our control. We turned up to a pitch that had been visited by Storm Eric the night before. Rather damp and muddy – everywhere! 

Leeds got this game underway. The boys in white looked up for this game from the off, pressing and attacking the York half; Catching our lads asleep in the first third…. Leeds came close after a few minutes, hitting the York crossbar and then unable to follow up with the rebound. The ball not bouncing kindly for them. Or not bouncing at all in the mud filled goalmouth. 

York started to come back into the match pressing and trying to play football from the back. Stan Connor doing his best as normal with an ever-increasing volume of guidance.  

Ben Farrar and Max Rhodes having a couple of half chances in this third but nothing falling as we would like. Leeds hit us with a through ball that cut us open for the Leeds lad to run onto and slot the finish into the bottom corner.  

The third ended in Leeds’s favour.  

Leeds A 1 v 0 York. 

A bit of a talk and a rally to the lads was had. They knew this game was here to be won. The second third we started liked we’d asked. Full of energy and desire. Everyone upped their game in this third. Very little was getting past the back 3; Louie Regan, Harry Glaves & Brogan Dunne were all solid and reliable. What a defence these guys were putting up in tough conditions. Through balls started to come from all the midfield and the tireless Ben Farrar was running onto everything and creating opportunities. Finally, his efforts came off and Ben Farrar got the York lads back into the game with a cool calm finish. The lads pressed from the off again. Oz Shaw playing a ball out the James Borlase who was showing some great skill and trickery in the last third.  

A ball coming into the Leeds area and falling nicely for Cam McMillan to have his chance in front of a crowded goal. Showing composure Cam Mcmillan placed the ball past the sliding defenders of Leeds. Good finish!!!!!  

York had some defending to do in the final few minutes. Max Rhodes taking a turn at left back showed great desire and commitment to track back half the length of the pitch to win a tackle. That showed the spirit that we had been asking for. 

Leeds A 1 v 2 York.  

What a great 20 minutes from the York lads, turning the game round in one third. 

They came off on a high but a job was still needing to be done.  

Farrar took a rest in this third and it gave Oz Shaw the chance to play his 4th position of the match. Up front. Soon after kick off a ball won by Harry Glaves was played forward. Oz Shaw running onto took a few touches to the edge of the area and with the ball nicely coming off his boot he rifled it over the keepers head into the top bins!!!! The look of surprise was great to see!!!!! 

Leeds A 1 v 3 York. 

Not making it easy on ourselves a long ball over the top found a Leeds forward running on into the box. With a defender either side of him and Stan Connor rushing out to clear up there was a clash of legs… Penalty to Leeds with 10 minutes remaining. Up Stepped the Leeds player striking to the keepers right. Stan Connor not too far away from a save. Game back on. 

Leeds A 2 v 3 York. 

Leeds were pressing for the equaliser as the York players were at this point dropping with injuries. Reuben Smith playing centre midfield was putting in tackles breaking up the Leeds attack and making nothing easy for them. 

Crosses were coming in from every angle. But when we have a player as brave as Matty Ellison, who today was winning every header and tackle he committed to, nothing was falling for the Leeds lads.  

Final Whistle came.


Ben Farrar (1) 

Cam McMillan (1) 

Oz Shaw (1) 

Man Of Match: Team Performance. (All)