Update : York & District Schools’ U14 Squad (Season 2020-21)

Following the completion of the trial process across a number of practise fixtures during August and September, the players listed below have been selected to form a squad to represent York & District Schools during season 2020-21.

Ben Armitage

Lleyton Brown

Jacob Bryant

Jack Cottam

Billy Dickinson

Harry Fort

Ben Garbutt-Smith

Alex Gilbey

Billy Hobson

Seb Holowkiewicz

Leo Littlewood

Joseph Meek

Adam Nganga

Cameron Wakerley

Dominic Weston
We would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to all of those players who have taken part in the trial fixtures. Unfortunately, extremely difficult decisions needed to be taken at this stage of the trial: to those players who have not been selected as part of the final squad, we thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm during the trial process and the commitment and standard of play you have demonstrated when representing York & District Schools. We wish you all the very best for the forthcoming season.

Gary Fort / John Bryant