U14s Harrogate 3-1 York

A balanced opening to the game after York kicked off with both teams battling for control of the midfield.Goalkeepers at both ends were tested with long range shots and crosses that were dealt with comfortably.

On 18 minutes York were under pressure with a brace of corners and finding it difficult to deal with a tall Harrogate attack, a scrambled defence dealt with a loose ball and Will Hotson was able to clear the ball from the penalty box  that linked with the midfield where it was fed out to Archie Colley on the wing. A number of passes through Harrogate defence put Callum Thorpe 1v1 with their goalkeeper. A well struck shot, low to the keeper found the bottom corner of the net.  0-1 to York.

Pressure was maintained afterwards and the Harrogate keeper was tested again, this time by Archie Colley with another low level shot from close range. York were enjoying the control of the game but Harrogate were dangerous on the counter.  The last attack of the half by the hosts was dealt with a last man tackle from Tom Coy, to send York in a goal to the good at half-time. 0-1.

2nd half started the same as the 1st with a battle for midfield. A number of free kicks early on saw Matthew Dawes test the keeper from long range. Harrogate was still good on the counter and a coming together on the edge of York’s penalty area stopped the game. The referee could consult with the VAR, (the Harrogate linesman) and a direct free kick was awarded on 43 minutes. The 3 man wall proved too good for the Harrogate player and it was cleared to launch a York counterattack with Adam Guilfoyle linking nicely with Kaiden Butler to carry the game to Harrogate.

Harrogate soon got the bit between their teeth and enjoyed a dominant phase of the game, testing York’s Keeper Louis Powell, who dived at the attackers feet to collect the ball and soon after punching a high ball out for a corner from just under the crossbar.

Harrogate’s pressure soon paid off with 3 goals. York carried on playing and creating opportunities for shots and winning free kicks. The Harrogate defence proved too strong breaking down the York attacks.

The referee’s final whistle bringing the tight game to an end, at 3-1 to the hosts.

Man of the match award goes to Louis Powell, for his brave and valiant goalkeeping.