U11s Green Un Cup Tournament Details 20th Jan 2018

Running order for Saturday and changing room allocation.Plus a few points and reminders

All players, managers and supporters need to be registered…..registration is online http://www.stgeorgespark-local.com/

9v9 format and rules ..Max of 16 in a squad …Duration of the 15 mins (no half time unless advantage of sun or strong wind present). Group placing decided on points (3 win 1 Draw) ,then goal difference, then goals scored, then head to head, then penalties.

Top two in each group progress to play off final

Unfortunately we cannot offer food to the teams however the is a cafeteria that offers hot and cold snacks

Teams can arrive 9:00 am onwards…


League 1
Leeds A
Scarborough A
East Riding

League 2
Leeds B
Scarborough B

Changing Room Allocations
1 Scarborough
2 Leeds
3 Eastwood/ Nottingham
4 Barnsley/ East riding
5 York
6 Sheffield

Time Pitch One Pitch Two Pitch Three Pitch Four
10:00 Sheffield v Barnsley Leeds A v East Riding York v Scarb’gh B Nottingham v  Leeds B
10:20 East Riding v Sheffield Barnsley v Scarb’gh A Leeds B v York Scarb’gh B v Eastwood
10:40 Scarb’gh A v East Riding Sheffield  v Leeds A Eastwood v Leeds B York v Nottingham
11:00 Leeds A v Scarb’gh A East Riding v Barnsley Nottingham v Eastwood Leeds B v Scarb’gh B
11:20 Barnsley v Leeds A Scarborough A v Sheffield Scarb’gh B v Nottingham Eastwood v York

Semi Finals 11.30am

Match one: Winners of Group One v Runners Up Group Two

Match two: Winners of Group Two v Runners Up Group One

Final 12 Noon