U11s York 1 – 0 Barnsley

A tight match was played out for the boys first game of the season. But what a fantastic performance it was.

The 1st 20 minutes finished 0 v 0 with York having most of the possession in the right areas; but we were just lacking that final shot on goal. Everything was in place for a good performance. Passes were happening and the movement was creating the space we needed.

The 2nd 20 minutes Barnsley came back into the contest creating a few chances from some good through balls, but on his toes all the time was Eugene playing the sweeper role and to great effect. We were settling into the game once again finding space in the middle with James and Matt on the wings finding themselves in good positions.

When the break away attack happened the back 3 were ready. Reuben winning everything near him and Louie making up ground to put in a last ditch tackle. Great attitude and desire to win the ball.

The second 20 minutes finished at deadlock 0 v 0.

The 3rd 20 minutes the boys were asked to press…forcing Barnsley into making mistakes. Louie, Ben and Oz having a few shots at goal but still not breaking the deadlock. The battling then paid off. Some high pressing created our chance and Ben poked home what would turn out to be the winner!!! The lads kept calm and didn’t panic on the ball playing the match out.

The boys deserved this victory for keeping going until the final whistle. The right attitude and team spirit shown on the pitch and the togetherness after the match with all going to the pub for a victory sausage and chip butty.

Well done guys. 2 proud coaches.

MOM: Reuben